The maxi dress

maxi dress : Pepe jeans Hi guys! Sorry for the bad pictures but I didn't have enough time, to take the time. That was because I had a allowance day for my (hopefully) new school, the Amsterdam International Fashion School. It was an exhausting day, with a lot of questions and tests and presentations. So I'm broke right now, haha! I have a barbeque with friends now, hopefully they will leave me alone=) Anyway this great dress feels like a pyjama, and that's exactly what I need right now! Don't forget to subscribe me!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Staat je goed.. Hopen dat je wordt aangenomen ;)
    Welke richting wil je doen?

  2. Anoniem7.6.10

    Haha ja dat mag je zeggen, ik ben verslaafd aan sieraden, vooral ringen :p Die ring blijft goed zitten trouwens, al zou je dat niet zeggen als je hem zo ziet :p