There's a snake on my leg!

me falling (don't be scared, it is fake... bad acting=D) jewelly H&M - the bird is to scared birds of to not fly against the glass
shirt H&M Blackbook
legging H&M
Shoes Topshop
Okay, I love the legging, and I'm sure you will love it too, if you could see the details. It's green with a good snake patron, in stead of shine black!
I promise I will make a close up of it! Stupid camera, I want a new one. Now I 'work' with a vintage model made before Jesus was born, with a 0.5 MP.. Stupid camera


Black from head to toe

shirt H&M - blazer Drykorn - jeans MET - ankleboots Topshop - sunnies Ray-Ban
How are you feeling today? I'm feeling a little sick, but fortunatly it was beautiful weather today! Today I took a short visit at the H&M store, and they had a lot of new stuff! Jippie! But I have to keep saving for London! Wanne buy a couple of Jeff Campbells, a leather jacket and a one shoulder bodycon dress. So there's a lot to save!


Easy going, it's just a dinner

shirt H&M - blazer Mango - jegging Twenty8twelve - shoes Topshop
Hee Babies!
Sorry for my interruption of a week, but private it was the hardest week ever...
Gladly I PASSED for my EXAMES (ik ben GESLAAGD) AAAAHHHH! I'm so extremly happy!
Something that made me a thousend times more happy was my admission for the AMFI!!
Cause that was something I NEVER expected, cause the tests went shit. But of the 1200 girls they thoose me to come to their beautiful school. (and a couple of others)
Friday we went for a dinner cause I pasted, with one of my 2 sisters (the other one had a barbeque, who is more important, me or that BB;)) and me parents of course (thank U daddy!)
Question: something changed?



dress Supertrash
Haai toetiefroeties!
This dress is my new favorite! It's whinkled, black and short, and a little different, just perfect for me! I will make better pictures thirsday, cause then I will wear her to my examfinallyparty
Does it always take that long before you get any attention from anyone? Please, don't get me wrong, it feels SO good when someone subscribes me something! But you really have to be real active at the whole blog-thing if you what to get any attention to your own blog. Which isnt a bad thing at all, besides that I dont want to subscribe to someone whos outfit I don't even like, just because for some extra attention. Do you get me?
How do you baby's think about? And if you don't like my outfit, you can subscribe me about my subscribe-dilemma, haha!


Ik zie je borsten! Boobies!

bra Sapph - shirt Mango - jeans MET
I can see your bra! That was the first reaction of my mum, when I walked in the room. I promised her to keep my colbert on, when I walked out the door for a drink with my boyfriend.
Sometimes life is most beautiful at momends you dont expect. After my bf and I drove around for about an hour to find the perfect place to chill out, we ended up at the McDrive, hahaha!
And I've got to say, it was delicious! But I felt a little guiilty afterwords, cause an hour before I sweatted my ass of... All for nothing =D
ps I bought a beautiful Supertrash dress today, gonna show you tomorrow!


The maxi dress

maxi dress : Pepe jeans Hi guys! Sorry for the bad pictures but I didn't have enough time, to take the time. That was because I had a allowance day for my (hopefully) new school, the Amsterdam International Fashion School. It was an exhausting day, with a lot of questions and tests and presentations. So I'm broke right now, haha! I have a barbeque with friends now, hopefully they will leave me alone=) Anyway this great dress feels like a pyjama, and that's exactly what I need right now! Don't forget to subscribe me!



Oopsie! Pregnant!
short Zara - Tanktop H&M Blackbook - Havaianas - hat ? -
Today I went to the city with my boy, cause he needed some new clothes. He bought 3 awsum shirt, and I couldn't resist to buy something for myself, haha. I bought a pair of glasses (show you tomorrow), and a very cool H&M jeans shirt (also gonna show you tomorrow=D)
And please leave a note! I love reading them!


It's a Boston

I think I am a kind of addicted to dogs with a flat nose. Sorry for the pics being unsharp, but my camera is broke. And I thought it had something. jeans MET - shirt Zara - Boyblazer Mango