Trashy to Amsterdam

shoes KG by Kurt Geiger
boyfriend blazer Mango
bodycon skirt Zara
shirt Topshop
Wore this to my first day to school. Love the schoes, there's sooooo comforable!
Thanks KG by Kurt Geiger.


The ultimate shirt

Go to Oxfort Circuis
Go left, go left again
Go straight ahead for 10 minutes
Go left again
You will find nothing, exept one little shop. And I promise you, if you like a little underdogstyle, this will be
The owner designs her own shirts, amazing jewellery and some other stuff. I found this one. Perhaps 10 people in this universe have the same thing. That's what I call a fucking one of a kind!
YEAR ZERO, remember that name, she´s gonna be big...


AMFI kamp

Had an amazing weekend at the introductioncamp of my new school, met some nice people! Besides drinking beer all day we also had to make a piece of clothing with the fabrics of mother nature.
My group didn't won, but the last pic did. And rightly.


Love London IIII + Amsterdam

Amy Winehouse made by recycled stuff
The exact centre of London
Londons first pub (if I understood the guide correctly)
My biggest sponsor, thanx mom for the amazing trip ;)

The first telephonecell (just kidding)


Love London III

boyfriend blazer (Zara) jeans (Goldsign)
@ Selfridges
Topshop tattoo
Finally GOOD food @ Fifteen restaurant (by Jamie Oliver)


Love London II (somethin went wrong,haha!)

H&M (dress), Topshop (shoes)
Topshop (ring, nails)

Love London II

Diesel, Urban Outfitters
Food was delicious.. NOT!


Love London I

Just came out of London, and I'm in love.
With the people
With the shops
With the atmosphere
Wanne  go back
Anyone wanne sponsor me? ;)

before Topshop Oxford Circus
after Topshop Oxford Circus


No you can't reach my pokerface

Faux leather jacket with studs Supertrash the Edge - shoes Zara
Please HELP ME! Vanmiddag heb ik een nieuwe camera gekocht met 14 mexapixels. Niets stond me meer in de weg om mooie foto's the maken van mn voor mn blog. Maar wat blijkt? Toen ik de eerste foto uploaden, en ik hem daarna vergrootte, had ik nog een faking onscherpe foto! Wat doe ik verkeerd? Alsje blieft als je het weet vertel het me want ik heb nu 300 euro weggegooit =( Please HELP ME! I recently bought a new camera with 14 megapixel. Nothing stood in my way anymore to make beautiful pics for my blog. But when I started to upload the first pic, it was still not sharp. What the fuck am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP ME! I seriously wanne cry right now!