Rainy Sunday

I don't know what it is, but I just cannot find the concentration for school anymore. Which sucks, because tomorrow I'll have the hardest of them all; Management and Organization. I haven't wore this today, cause it rained all day, but it's one of my favorite dresses. The blue belt around my waist make my curves come out beautifully! (if I may say myself) bodycon dress French Connextion


Black n White

Once upon a time, when boobs and full lips were real, and tall legs were tall (and not photoshopped), there were some unusual, extraterrestrial women...
(Brigitte Bardot, Veruschka, Twiggy, Coco Chanel, The Beatles [not totally women..] Jean Shrimpton)


We want you for USARMY!

militairy shirt with shoulder pads Zara - leather pants H&M - snake shoes Topshop


Blue stripes

Today was a beautiful day, again! I went to the Zara with my boy, cause I haven't got any shorts in my closet. I bought a jeans and a soft striped one. I will make better pics of it.
Also I'm still learning for my exams, and that's pretty difficult with such good weather!
OTK boots Zara - shirt Supertrash - short Zara - blazer Zara


I think she's a dog

I love doggies. This haven't got one, but when I'm gonna live by myself there will be a blue Frenchie (too beautiful!) and a Boston Terrier.


Sorry honey, but I got a new love... Actually two...

As he paces in cramped circles, over and over, the movement of his powerful soft stridesis like a ritual dance around a centerin which a mighty will stands paralyzed.
First of a my sincere apology for the bad quality of my pics. But if you click on them, they will appear sharp...
I've got no idea how you guys get al the pics so large and sharp at the screen. Cause mine getting blocky if I magnified them =( And that while I was so happy cause they turned out so beautiful, and that while I had to do everything myself by timer. If I ask my mom to help me, the only thing she does is irritate me by yelling I should put a smile on my face.

But anyway. I had to admitted something to my guy. When I opened the box they were in, it was like Brad Pit touching my boobs for a sec. A feeling of a perfect world. It was just me and my brandnew Agressa Ankle Boots. So I had panther and snake today. I would say; sit and watch my dear blogbitches.

blouse H&M - jeans MET - boots Topshop


Basicly overthekneeboots!

This is an basic look with a small fashion statement. Actually it's a quite long one, haha! Yesterday I felt like eating sushi, so I went to a sushibar to pick up some stuff, after I vacuum-cleaned the carpet for my mom. Sometimes you have to make copromisses, if you understand what I mean ;) And because I studied the whole day in my pyjamas, I had to put something on (I like to stend out of the crowd, but not in that kind of way, haha). But I hadn't got a lot of time to choose it carefully, because I promised my sis to babysit. How was your weekend? Let me know! Xx OTK boots Zara - shirt My Brand - jegging Twenty8twelve by sienna miller - colbert Drykorn



For my sign in at my (hopefully) new school I had to take pictures of thinks that inspire me.
And one place that's one big inspire to me is the beach!
I couldn't let the horses walk by without taking a pic of them. I LOVE HORSES.
Probably cause we have a couple ourselves ;) And I can tell you, there's nothing more relaxing as a ride over the beach by sunset!
At the pic not very clearly to see, but the beautiful golden watch was a gift from my boyfriend for valentinesday, how sweet! I showed him the watch about a thousend times at the store, but he told me he found it too expensive (he's such a good lyer!)
rings primark - watch diesel - striped vest, shirt,shoes h&m - bodycon skirt zara - sunnies ray-ban


Let me introduce myself

My name is Cora, 17 years old, and in a month I hope I will be graduaded from 'middelbare school' (highschool for al my US friends). In a couple of weeks I hope I will be allowed for the Amsterdam Fashion Intistite, after summerbreak. As you can read my english is rubbish, haha. So please inprove me when I make a mistake! Tomorrow I will put my first pic down, I'm so excited what you will think of it!