New shoes!

I bought the necklace too, have to make a better pic of it (like always)
Zara shoes I found on sale


What would you do with a million?

Leah and Bliss classic Glamazon Bag
Siwy jeans
Brian Lichtenberg dress
I'VE GOT TO SCORE THIS ONE AT LONDON! (Jeffrey Campbell Ninja) Ow, perfectly messy (Jeffrey Campbell Brit)
And this one under a too long shirt with only a string underneath (Jeffrey Campbell Shaw Shoe)
I would buy a hell lot of clothes, and give the rest away to BROOKE HOSPITAL FOR ANIMALS. Cause just like children animals are the victim of war and poverty, and we should shame ourselves one that one!
What would you do?


Into the clouds

light blue leather motor jacket Maison Scotch
shirt H&M boyfriend jeans G-Star
Today I wore my new leather jacket, and I love her! She's so soft, you can't imagine. And she looks like she's touched by the sky. Wore my bf-jeans also, they're sooo comfi! Went to 'Toystory 3(D)' with my oldest nephew, and it was his first time to the movies, so he was severely imprest! So cute!


€5 maxi dress

Don't mess with the cat!
Today had a realy good time at the beach. There's nothing better then fall asleep with the sun in your face and the wind wistle along your ears. After that a great meal, the only thing was we ordered way too much... Oopsie (I feel so bad when I know they will throw everything away)!
Love life at this momend!!!