Easy going, it's just a dinner

shirt H&M - blazer Mango - jegging Twenty8twelve - shoes Topshop
Hee Babies!
Sorry for my interruption of a week, but private it was the hardest week ever...
Gladly I PASSED for my EXAMES (ik ben GESLAAGD) AAAAHHHH! I'm so extremly happy!
Something that made me a thousend times more happy was my admission for the AMFI!!
Cause that was something I NEVER expected, cause the tests went shit. But of the 1200 girls they thoose me to come to their beautiful school. (and a couple of others)
Friday we went for a dinner cause I pasted, with one of my 2 sisters (the other one had a barbeque, who is more important, me or that BB;)) and me parents of course (thank U daddy!)
Question: something changed?

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  1. Anoniem19.6.10

    Great outfit for a dinner. The shoes are so cool

  2. love your hair
    love the blog
    great posts
    stop by some time xx