Black from head to toe

shirt H&M - blazer Drykorn - jeans MET - ankleboots Topshop - sunnies Ray-Ban
How are you feeling today? I'm feeling a little sick, but fortunatly it was beautiful weather today! Today I took a short visit at the H&M store, and they had a lot of new stuff! Jippie! But I have to keep saving for London! Wanne buy a couple of Jeff Campbells, a leather jacket and a one shoulder bodycon dress. So there's a lot to save!

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  1. Anoniem22.6.10

    You look beautiful. I love the look.

  2. Anoniem22.6.10

    i love this!
    you've got a great blog, keep it up
    and if you've got a second and love cute little dresses, go to http://www.sway.com/acree and sign up for sway, a company launching their collection in the fall..it only takes 3 seconds and it will help send me to vegas..i need 1,000 sign ups before august! it would mean the world.
    love your inspiration, i'll definitely come visit your blog again!


  3. Prachtige outfit meid!Love the heels!
    En ik moet wel ff wennen aan je nieuwe haar!Ikvond het blond je ook erg goed staan hoor...
    Hahaha en ik vind het echt super dat ik een van je blogbitches wordt:D!

  4. Jammer dat je foto's zo onduidelijk zijn want je outfit ziet er leuk uit!