What would you do with a million?

Leah and Bliss classic Glamazon Bag
Siwy jeans
Brian Lichtenberg dress
I'VE GOT TO SCORE THIS ONE AT LONDON! (Jeffrey Campbell Ninja) Ow, perfectly messy (Jeffrey Campbell Brit)
And this one under a too long shirt with only a string underneath (Jeffrey Campbell Shaw Shoe)
I would buy a hell lot of clothes, and give the rest away to BROOKE HOSPITAL FOR ANIMALS. Cause just like children animals are the victim of war and poverty, and we should shame ourselves one that one!
What would you do?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik zou het op de bank zetten en rente vangen.. =p

  2. Wauw de die jeffrey campbell shoes zijn prachtig!
    En ik maak mn foto's met een spiegelreflex camera, namelijk de Canon EOS 400D!