€5 maxi dress

Don't mess with the cat!
Today had a realy good time at the beach. There's nothing better then fall asleep with the sun in your face and the wind wistle along your ears. After that a great meal, the only thing was we ordered way too much... Oopsie (I feel so bad when I know they will throw everything away)!
Love life at this momend!!!

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  1. Staat je goed en de jurk was al cheap en nu nog cheaper :)

  2. oOoo what a lovely dress :D great pix!

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  3. awesome maxi dress
    great blog btw ! lovely pics DEF following you!
    id love for you to check my blog out
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    xo elena


  4. Anoniem8.7.10

    Staat je super en dat voor 5 euro, koopje! :D x

  5. Anoniem9.7.10

    You look fantastic. i love your dress

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  7. I'm wearing that same dress in black right now :) totally love it!

    xox Vicky
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  8. Jurkje staat je erg goed!