For my sign in at my (hopefully) new school I had to take pictures of thinks that inspire me.
And one place that's one big inspire to me is the beach!
I couldn't let the horses walk by without taking a pic of them. I LOVE HORSES.
Probably cause we have a couple ourselves ;) And I can tell you, there's nothing more relaxing as a ride over the beach by sunset!
At the pic not very clearly to see, but the beautiful golden watch was a gift from my boyfriend for valentinesday, how sweet! I showed him the watch about a thousend times at the store, but he told me he found it too expensive (he's such a good lyer!)
rings primark - watch diesel - striped vest, shirt,shoes h&m - bodycon skirt zara - sunnies ray-ban

5 opmerkingen:

  1. LOVE the last picture ♥

  2. Anoniem16.5.10

    Mooie outfit en mooie foto's! Jammer alleen dat wij hier in Nederland altijd van dat vieze witte schuim op de stranden hebben haha!

  3. Mooie foto's en je ziet er heel leuk uit! Ik heb nu ook zin om heerlijk aan het strand te liggen, alleen jammer genoeg werkt het weertje niet echt mee.